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The CCCA and the Cruising Yacht Club of Tasmania (CYCT) have entered into an agreement to benefit from each other. The benefits have been identified as

Sharing knowledge on seamanship, navigation and technical subjects on marine engineering and science. 

Publication of articles appearing  in each other’s journals

Open invitation to each other’s  meetings and sailaways

Use of each other’s moorings

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) can be viewed under the menu item Articles, above.



The September 2014 Mainsheet is now available to members.  Please login and navigate to the Mainsheet Library.

The State government has given us the chance to have a say in where and how funds for boating in this state are to be used by way of a survey.  I would ask every member to please submit an individual response to this survey to ensure that the sort of facilities we need are included in the mix. You will see it is specific to an area so please fill it in for where you do most of your sailing, access etc.  Here is the link to the survey 


Please take the time to complete it.

Thanks and regards,


The club's Risk Management Handbook (Yellow Book), and its referenced articles are now located in a folder called 'Yellow Book & Articles' under the Member Menu.

The yacht Services Directory has been updated for February 2014. Members should login and navigate to Documents and Forms to download.

Coming Up


 September 20-21  Lane Cove River Sailaway
 September 24-25  Pittwater Old Salts
 October 4-5  Jerusalem Bay Sailaway
 October 16

 General Meeting

 October 18-19

 Bantry Bay Sailaway

 October 22-23

 Pittwater Old Salts